Texas instruments center of excellence

will bring in the following core values:-

For Colleges
  • Analog system Design Lab using ASLK PRO
  • Ultra Low power Microcontroller Lab
  • Internet of thing technology
  • Strong branding and ability to attract better quality students
  • Better ranking amongst the competition
  • Power Electronics
For Students
  • Exposure to state of the art technologies through hands on learning experience
  • Better employability opportunities
  • Showcase talent and innovation
  • By arranging faculty development program teachers will able to gain the knowledge of kits utilization in different electronics applications.
  • Students will get benefited by teachers while finalizing their project so texas kits can be used by them in project development.
  • By arranging workshop for students they will get familiar with kits used in texas lab. Which will encourage them to develop innovative projects?
  • Students will get confidence in their Innovative projects so that they can participate in different project competition and paper presentation contest.
  • This innovative project done by students will help them to grab good job in embedded system domain.


A)Webinar: Peripherals for Real Time Control 


When it comes to Real Time Control, C2000 MCUs from Texas Instruments offer a large set of peripherals to get the job



This webinar will look at the peripheral set of the TMS320F28379D MCU, give some background what each is used for,

 and how to leverage the LAUNCHXL-F28379D LaunchPad to use these features.

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B)Webinar: DCDC Power Solutions for FPGAs and Data Converters


With the increasing complexity of industrial systems, such as factory automation, more powerful controllers are required.

 FPGAs and precision data converters are widely used to handle and coordinate the diverse set of tasks required.


These devices have tight power supply requirements which needs to be addressed. In this session

we will discuss the key power requirements of such industrial systems and compare different solutions

 with our newest industrial switching power supplies. 

To help getting started, the technical aspects of various reference designs are discussed. 

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C)Functional Safety for PLCs and IO Controllers


In this webinar, Texas Instruments and TÜV SÜD will discuss functional safety standards such as IEC 61508 and ISO 13849

 and how they apply to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and IO controllers that are used in factory automation

 applications and other industrial machines. 


Benefits from different functional safety concepts and architectures will be shown, and we will demonstrate how

 Hercules™ MCUs and SafeTI™ solutions help make complying to industrial functional safety standards easier.

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D)Digital Power Supply Design Workshop


Learn how to design analog and digital power supplies from ground up quickly and easily with this in-depth laboratory based

 design workshop.

During the workshop you will learn how to design stable analog and digital control loops in both voltage mode and current

 mode. You will then design, code, implement and test several digital power supplies in our well-equipped laboratory.

The workshop is three days long and is aimed at analog PSU designers and embedded systems engineers who need to design

high performance stable digital power supplies.

All laboratories are based in TI's C2000 family of MCUs; however, the design practices taught in the class can be applied to

 any MCU. The workshop participants will also receive the necessary templates, libraries and skill to implement multiple

converters with minimal coding.


E)Power Factor Correction Design Workshop


Learn how to design analog and digital power factor correction systems from ground up quickly and easily with this in-depth

 laboratory based design workshop.

This is a three-day hands-on workshop with the first day being optional if you are already familiar with the C2000 family of

MCUs and Biricha digitals CSL and Digital Power Libraries.

An entire day is dedicated to analog PFC design and fundamentals. During this "Analog PFC Day" we will start from basic

 principles and cover the entire design, loop stabilization, meeting the regulations and component selection. We will then

experimentally verify all of the theory in our well-equipped laboratory.

 The "Digital PFC Day" covers all the material needed to convert an analog PFC design into the digital domain including

digital loop design and stability. You will then implement your digital PFC design in our lab and test its performance.

 The laboratories are based on TI’s C2000 family, however the principles and the theory taught in class can be applied

 to any MCU.

F)Using the MSP432 Security and Update Tool

with MSP Software Development Tools Team

The MSP432™ Security and Update Tool is a graphical user interface (GUI) and command line interface (CLI) tool that

helps the user to configure the security features of the MSP432Pxx microcontrollers. The configuration is saved to a firmware

 image file that is downloaded to the device. More details.

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G)Debugging MSP432 using the MSP-FET Debug Probe

with MSP Software Development Tools Team

The MSP-FET is a powerful emulation development tool (a debug probe) – which allows user to quickly begin application

development on MSP low-power microcontrollers (MCU). MSP-FET Debug Probe has been extended to support debugging

 MSP432 devices. Creating MCU software usually requires downloading the binary firmware image to the MSP device for

 validation and debugging. The MSP-FET provides a debug communication pathway between a host computer and the target

 MSP.  This training will cover the following topics:

  • MSP-FET Hardware ecosystem
  • Software development ecosystem
  • Programming ecosystem


  • Inaugurated on 17/6/16
  • Conducted workshop for S.E (Direct Year) students for two days 17/6/16 and 18/6/16
  • Total invesment in Lab:- Rs.5,00000
  • Launchpad:-
    Launch pad are microcontroller development kits from Texas Instruments. They comes in variety of flavours to address various project needs.
  • Booster Pack:-
    Booster packs are available plug-in modules that fi on top of Launch pad It allows developers to explore different applications with different functions such as capacitive touch, wireless communication, sensor readings, LED lighting control.

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