SITCOE provides hostel accommodation for girls and boys. Mess facilities are also available.

The boys hostel accommodates 60 students and 60 girl students can be accommodated in the ladies hostel. Now college is planning for accommodation for 500 boys and 300 girls student. Mess ensure quality food and water purification system for good drinking water. Hot water through solar system is provided at every floor. Uninterrupted power supply is provided with the help of generators.

Security and discipline norms are induced to avoid any outside elements to enter the campus. Incoming telephone facility at every hostel adds to the convenience of parents. 24 Hours WI-Fi facility is also available in the college campus.Hostel offers some special facilities like cooking gas and electric geezers. Hostel Staff staying in each hostel building helps to maintain study atmosphere in the hostel campus. Medical emergency facility is also available in the hostel.

Hostel Rules and Regulations

  • No Student is allowed to stay in the Hostel before seeking admission.
  • Day scholar students and other relatives of the student are not permitted to stay in the hostel.
  • Overnight stay by parents will only be allowed genuine circumstances. Advance of the Hostel administration is necessary.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded. However, cases of year down students & special cases will be considered separately by the authority.
  • Ragging of any sort is strictly prohibited.
  • In case of illness, the matter be immediately brought to the notice of Rector.
  • At the time of occupying the room, the concerned student should ensure about the good condition of furniture and working of tube light and fan & also ensure to return the same condition at the time of leaving the room.
  • Spoiling of appearance of Door, Walls etc. by writing or sticking of papers, posters etc. are strictly prohibited. However, if persons cannot be specifically traced. Damage will be recovered through common charges.
  • Student should not remain absent from the hostel, away from the campus without getting the leave sanctioned.
  • Student should not exchange the material (e.g. Cot, table, chair, fan, etc.) handed over to him/her by the authority and take care to return the same at end of the year, in the same condition as was while taking in possession by the student at the year.
  • Students are not allowed to use Electric/Electronics application (e.g.-Iron, Heater, Tape, Video Recorder/Player etc.) in the hostel.
  • The student should take due care of their belonging. Hostel authority will not be responsible for loss or misplacement.
  • Drinking of Alcoholic products, Smoking or chewing of tobacco or related products in the premises are strictly forbidden.
  • Girls Hostel student should not allowed joining outside Mess/Tiffin.
  • Houseline student should not allow non-houseline student to enter in their rooms without written permission of Hostel-Authority.
  • Student should keep their rooms neat & clean.
  • Student should help administration to keep passage and hostel campus clean by use of dustbin.
  • During college hour student not remain the hostel without written permission from the authority.
  • Boy's student will not be allowed after 9.00pm and Girls student will not allowed after 7.00pm entering in the respective.
  • Boys Hostel should remain present in the room from 9.00pm to 9.30pm & girls Hostel student will remain present in the room from 7.00pm to 7.30pm for attendance purpose.
  • Girl's student should not encourage visits of other relative than parents, to visit them in the Hostel without communication of parents to the authority.
  • After completion of the academic year examination, the room should be vacated within seven days & the student should shift the Luggage duly packed on his/her own responsibility to central store of the authority.
  • Students are strictly prohibited for participating in the parents in hostel. Dhabas outside the campus.
  • Birthday or their celebrations, if any be done not in hostel but in mess or Canteen before 9.00pm that too with written permission from the rector.
  • Students are expected to wear the decent cloth keeping in mind the culture of the area.
  • Student will be allowed to go home only if there is a written request for the same from self and parents/ guardian. Going home frequently in not permitted.
  • In case of break of any of the above rules, decisions of the authority in respect of punitive action will be binding on the student.
  • The hostel management reserves the right to revise the rules & regulations from time to time and will keep the houseline informed of any changes in the from notices on the hostel notice, board, Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse.


Hot water for bath (Solar System), 24 Hours electricity, Incoming Phone, Security guard, First aid kit, News papers, Mineral water for drinking, Lockers system. All these facilities are available in Hostel.

Mess facility is available for boys & girls in college campus. The facility of Sports Ground, Sports Equipments and Computer is available in the college campus.

Hostel Infrastructure

The Hostel campus is located in the close proximity of institute campus. The bus stop is just at 5 minutes walk. Boys Hostel is equipped with 12 rooms (Single Stored) with the capacity of 5 students in every room. Girls Hostel is equipped with 15 rooms (Single Stored) with the capacity of 4 girls.

Hostel Photos: