Foss lab


  • Kernel configuration, compilation and installation: -Download / access the latest kernel source code from, compile the kernel and install it in the local system.
  • Installing various software packages: - The student can practice installing the latest version. Of course, this might need internet access.
  • GUI programming: - Using eclipse software development tool student can design any project in various languages like php, java, etc.
  • Develop free and open web-based resources to help other colleges and community groups get involved, including a repository of software tools and support materials.
  • Take the lead role in identifying technologies for different applications for the government, public enterprises, educational institutions, small business, individuals and other key sectors.
  • Work with local, national and international institutions and networks working in the FOSS domain in order to share experiences and to learn from one other.
  • Student would get an opportunity to lay hands on Autodesk design software, understand principles of 3D design &clear doubts

Outcomes Excepted 

  • Student Should Learn Languages Like PHP, Perl, Python, Android etc. to Develop an Application as per Requirement.
  • Will Arrange Workshop on PHP and Developing Projects in PHP .Using open source IDE (Eclips PDT, Code Lite Etc)
  • Will Arrange Workshop on Java and Developing Projects In Java and Android. Using open Source IDE (NetBeans, Eclips, Android Studio etc)

Software to be using in real time

  •  FOSS for business: -Open source is no longer hanging around the periphery of the business conversation.
  • Multimedia: -With tools like Audacity and OpenShot, you can do just about anything with audio or video you need.
  • Cloud: - The major players in the cloud are open source. Red Hat, Ubuntu, SUSE, Amazon, and Rackspace  they all get it and know that open source is the best solution for cloud deployments.
  • Big data: - Big data and open source now go hand in hand. Innovations like in-memory data and live kernel patching make open source an ideal solution for big data.
  • Development: - Developing with open source is a no-brainer. PHP, Python, Java jdk 1.7 there are as many languages to develop with as there are tools.
  • Security: - The route to security is a challenging one the open source security route will take a bit more time to deploy.

Foss Lab Co-ordinator



Name- Mr. Mubarak D. Jamadar

Designation- Assistant Professor

Qualification- M.TECH(CSE)

Department- Computer Science & Engineering

FOSS Lab Syllabus

Unit 1- Foss Introduction 

Definition of open source software, essential requirements for being open, free software vs open source software, 4 degrees of freedom wrt software, notion of a fork, popular FOSS examples (Firefox, Linux, Apache, Moodle, open office).

Unit2- Installation 

Installation of open source OS and creating environment for open source development, Basic Linux Commands, Advanced Linux Administration, Configuration, Maintenance commands.

Unit 3- Web Servers and CMS 

Installation and Administration of Web Servers- LAMP, XAMPP, Apache etc. Installation and Administration of Different Databases – mysql, MariaDB etc. Installation of Content Management Systems – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, Magento.

Unit 4- Installation and Configuration of different servers 

Installation, Configuration, Maintenance and Administration of Moodle server, Own cloud Server, FTP Server, DHCP Server and different IDE with languages like python, java, PHP, C, C++ etc

Unit 5- Networking and Firewall Administration 

Network installation, Wi-Fi Access point Configuration, Open Source Firewall Installation, Configuration and Administration, User Creation, Monitoring and Restrictions.


  • Two days workshop on “FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) Technologies For faculties on 2nd & 3rd March, 2016.”

  • Two days workshop on “FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) Technologies for Students on 4th & 5th March, 2016. ”

  • Two Days Hands-On Worksop on "Android Development" 52 Students Participated
  • 16 Android Projects Developed under FOSS LAB
  • Two Days Hands-On Workshop on "Python" Conducted Students 40 Students Participated

List of Android Projects Under FOSS LAB

Group NoSr NoName of the StudentProject GuideTitle
11Shraddha R ChouguleMr. VenkateshEmergency Alarm And Health Care Management System
2Sonali L Patil
3Priyanka MDivate
4Shivanjali R Aitawade
25Indrajit V PatilMr R M PatilSketch Yourself Android Application
6Mobin S Mulla
8Somanath N Gangathar
39Akshay ShastriMr M D JamadarMeal Ordering System Android Application
10Swapnil M Patil
11Avinash A Bhise
12Tejas S Patil
413Puja A PatilMr A H PudaleDonors and Receivers Android Application
14Sonali S Patil
15Kavita S Madnaik
516Priya R KavaleMs P A BaganePocket Expense Android Application
17Aishwarya K Badave
18Gayatri P Tambekar
19Swati Y Wayase
20Varsha A Magdum
621Shivani RKoleMs M N JadhavAlumni Portal App Mobile Application
22Trupti KKore
23Nilam RShinde
24Ashwini K Patil
725Namrata N ManeMs S K MoreOnline Smart Village Monitoring System
26Priyanka S Khade
27Pratidnya P Mane
28Ashwini M Dhatunde
29Nilam S Patil
830Hema P PatilMr B J GoradEmergency Alarm And Health Care Management System
31Shailaja S Swami
32Puja S Langote
33NakushaS Yetale
934Varsha SHalvankarMs S KambreKisan Seva Android Application
35Shruti DPatil
36Sonali SPatil
37Mugulkhod Nikita
1038Puja UppadheyMr O D JoshiTravel Planner Android Application
1141Swapnil RGhorapadeMr R G GhorapadeLocation based car rental system Android Application
42Atul RVelu
43Narayan MPatil
44Aditya APatil
1245Padmashree A PatilMr N P JadhavProject Pair Programming allocation and project problem
46Patil Ashwini
47Ankita S Salunkhe
48Jadhav Aishwarya
49Bhamnage Ravina
1350Priyadarshini A JadhavMr U M MulaniParent Communication Register Android Application
51Snehal R Kambale
52Laxmi B Dhangar
53Ankita V Hogade
54Maya B Bhatale
1455Siddharth C JainMr S GuravGPS Based Friend Tracker Android Application
56Ashish P Upadhye
57Nasir A Kalawant
58Sanket R Patil
1559Pravin A KambleMr M D JilanWake Up Android Application
60Sahir M Kazi
61Asif H Mujawar
62Dnyaneshwar J Kamble
1663Krishna R KoleMs S K MoreMessage Reader Android Application
64Shubham Adagane

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