Entrepreneurship Development Cell



Develop institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture in academic institutions to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship among the faculty and students.


  1. To motivate students to undergo Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP), skill development training and enhance self-employment opportunities.
  2. To reach Science & Technology to the participants and motivate them to take up entrepreneurial ventures.
  3. To organize seminars/ guest lectures / workshops/ industrial visits.
  4. To transfer the technical know-how and assist the students in setting up entrepreneurial enterprises.
  5. Carrying out study to find out the entrepreneurial potential of region in selected industries.


nen We are incubating  entrepreneurship culture by association with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) of  Wadhwani Foundation, Bangalore.

NEN Programs

For Capacity Building
  • Content and Curricula
  • Faculty and Mentor Development
  • Consultancy for Advanced Infrastructure
  • Experts Bureau and Networking
  • National Platforms
For Entrepreneurs
  • Knowledge and Skills-Building
  • Mentoring
  • Experts Bureau and Networking
  • National Platforms
  • Online Entrepreneur Academy

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EDC Committee Members


Name: Asst. Prof. Atul Anilkumar Kumbhar

Designation: Chief Coordinator- Industry Institute Partnership Cell

Qualification: B.E.(IT),MBA(IT & Systems),M.Tech (CST)

E mail: coordinator.iipc@sitcoe.org.in , atulkumbhar@sitcoe.org.in

Contact Number: +91-9881-715-084

Landline: +91-2322-253031 (IIPC Desk)

Sr.  No.EDC – Faculty memberDept.Contact
1Asst. Prof.  Vishwanath C. PatilMechanical+91 9561-166-841
2Asst. Prof. Arinjay C. ChouguleCivil+91 8421-169-956
3Asst. Prof. Sharan KumarE &Tc+91 8379-951-810
4Asst. Prof. Pawan R PatilElectrical+91 9886-152-279
5Asst. Prof. Bhagyashri D RewaleGES+91 9604-756-641
6Asst. Prof. Atul  Anilkumar KumbharCSE+91 9881-715-084